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TB6865AFG, TB6860WBG, TB6862WBG and the newest family members TC7761/63WBG are system LSIs for Wireless Power Charging, compliant with the WPC (Wireless Power Consortium) Qi™ standards.

TC7761/63WBG are the latest family members, single chip power receiver controllers compliant to the Qi Low Power Standards v1.1, including Foreign Object Detection.  Manufactured in a combined CMOS-DMOS process, they achieve record-high efficiencies of 95%, effectively reducing the heat load into the mobile device.  Due to the integrated controller, they can be used in stand-alone applications, such as back covers.  Through its I2C bus they can be adjusted to different use cases.  Toshiba's original eFuse™ technology allows the implementer to program use case specific start-up values, enabling easy design of stand-alone applications and reducing the need to control the device with an external MCU.  TC7761/63WBG deliver a maximum output power of 5W (3.5W Qi certified) and come in a tiny WCSP28 package of 2.4mm x 3.67mm.

TB6865AFG is a power transmission controller which consists of a microcontroller and a controller chip in one package.  Due to the integration of analogue and digital electronics into one IC, few external components are required.  The TC6865FG can charge two receivers independently, supporting the standardized coils A11, A12 and A14.  The A12 and A14 coils especially, offer a high degree of receiver placement freedom thus reducing the external component count.

TB6860WBG is a power receiving controller which features a highly efficient quick charge function that is adjustable to many kinds of batteries and user preferences.  Controlled by an external MCU, the integrator has the highest grade of freedom.  Due to the inbuilt charging controller, the TB6860WBG can reduce system costs considerably.

TB6862WBG is a power receiving controller similar to the TB6860WBG.  Its energy efficiency has improved to 92% at the full output power of 5W.  Although it doesn’t have an inbuilt charging function, it offers a highly efficient 3MHz DC/DC output voltage controller, capable of delivering from 3.0V to 5.55V output, adjustable in tiny steps of 10mV.

Whitepaper: Leading the charge for wireless charging (pdf 180KB)


Toshiba Launches 5 Watt Chipset For Fast Wireless Charging

Toshiba Electronics Europe (TEE) has announced new enhancements to its TB6865FG power transmitter and TC7763WBG receiver chipset enabling faster wireless charging of mobile devices. The wireless power chipset now supports 5 Watt power transfer and is compatible with the Qi Standard1 Low Power Specifications version 1.1. Features include a rigorous Foreign Object Detection (FOD) function and an integrated digital logic controller that reduces component count and minimizes design complexity.  Read more... (99KB pdf)

Block Diagram

Wireless Charging Block Diagram

TB6862WBG Features

  • High efficient (93%) WPC Qi RX
  • External MCU allows easy adjustments to the product needs.
  • Detection functions for fail-safe design (Input Voltage, Output current, and temperature detections)
  • Package: WCSP39 4.3mm * 2.7mm
  • TB6862WBG datasheet


TB6860WBG Features

  • WPC Qi compliant RX
  • Fast charging with integrated DC/DC converter (Max. 950mA output current)
  • Plenty charging control sequences (Registers are able to be set via I2C)
  • Detection functions for fail-safe design (Input Voltage, Output current, and temperature detections)
  • Package: WCSP39 4.3mm * 2.7mm
  • TB6860WBG datasheet

Further Information

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