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Toshiba power MOSFETs can cover a wide range of applications, due to the many different specifications available. Advanced packaging technology combined with the latest semiconductor designs allow you to design state of the art products with Toshiba MOSFETs. Instead of standard wire bonding, the TO-220SIS and DPAK+ packages use copper connectors to improve the product performance.

In general Toshiba MOSFET packages are available from smallest 1x0.6mm SOT883 to high power TO-3P package with power dissipation up to 400W. The Vdss voltage ranges from 20V up to 900V and maximum continuous current covered by a discrete MOSFET can be up 150A.

Feature Products

Toshiba's key MOSFET families are:

600 to 650V - DTMOS Super Junction style High Voltage MOSFET

  • Lowest losses due to highest efficiency switching combined with low Rds(on)

200 to 900V - Pi-MOS High Voltage Standard MOSFET

  • Using double diffusion (D-MOS) structure

20 to 250V - U-MOS Toshiba's Low Voltage Trench MOSFET

  • Providing low Rds(on) for power management
  • "-H" versions for high speed switching (e.g. DC/DC converter)

40 to 100V - Automotive MOSFET

U-MOS VIII Lowest RDS(ON) x Ciss Excellent switching at 30~250V class

DTMOS IV, lowest RDS(ON) by Deep Trench, Super Junction Technology

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