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Surveillance Solutions

Toshiba offers a wide range of products suitable for surveillance systems. From CMOS area image sensor over Microcontroller (MCU), LED Drivers and Motor Control ASSP (application specific standard product) to memory Toshiba can offer a system solution. ARM CortexTM-M3 based MCUs like TMPM34x and TMPM36x allow highly integrated systems reducing the component count, on the other hand a wide range of motor control ASSPs allow high flexibility where necessary.

Toshiba products for surveillance systems

Surveillance Camera Recommended Product List

Block Item Feature
CMOS Area Image Sensors TCM5114PL / T4K29 VGA Image Sensor
TCM5117PL / T4K50 1080p Image Sensor
High resolution PPG (min 6ns)
1Package solution: MCU + MCD (7.5ch H-SW + Amp) + Programmable Servo engine
TMPM369 USB (Host/Device), CAN, EtherMAC
Motor Driver TB6608FNG(O,EL)
Micro Step function for Lens
LED Driver TC62D748 Simple system LED control using DC power supply


CCTV Surveillance Camera Block Diagram

CCTV Surveillance Camera Block Diagram

Networked Surveillance Camera Block Diagram

Networked Surveillance Camera Block Diagram


CCTV - Closed Circuit Television
MCD - Motor Control Device
LEDD - LED Driver
OIS - optical image stabilization
STM -  stepper motor
VCM - voice coil motor
ISP - Image signal processor
MCD - motor control device
AF - Auto focus
IRF - IR cut filter

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