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Toshiba Launches 13 Megapixel Image Sensor with 'Bright Mode' High-Speed Video Technology

Toshiba have announced it will offer the T4K82, a 13-megapixel BSI1 CMOS image sensor that allows smartphones and tablets to record full HD video at 240 equivalent frames per second (fps) - the industry’s highest2 frame rate. Sample shipments are scheduled to start in March.

High-speed video recording generally results in underexposed images with short exposure times, making it difficult to increase the frame rate. Toshiba's T4K82 incorporates 'Bright Mode' technology that boosts image brightness by up to four times, realizing full HD video capture at 240 fps equivalent. As a result, the sensor allows smartphones and tablets to record high-quality, high-speed video, and to offer extended imaging functions including smooth slow motion playback and high-speed continuous shooting.

Toshiba Starts Sample Shipments of Dual Camera Module Enabling Simultaneous Output of Images and Depth Data

Toshiba have started sample shipments of a dual camera module for use in smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. TCM9518MD is the industry's first dual camera module to incorporate twin 1/4 inch optical format 5-megapixel CMOS camera modules (5 megapixels x 2 arrays), able to simultaneously output recorded images and depth data.

Toshiba offer a wide range of sensors including CMOS area image sensors, photosensors and magnetic sensors.

CMOS Area Image Sensor

Toshiba offers CMOS area image sensors with a wide range of resolution from VGA to over 10 million pixels.  They are available in module, package and die forms.  More...

CCD Linear Image Sensors

CCD linear image sensors are solid-state image sensing devices that convert a pixel line image into analog signals and drive them out in time order. They are ideal for various copier scanner and image scanner applications.  More...

Magnetic Sensor

Magnetic sensors sense magnetic flux density from a permanent magnet and provide a digital output. They are suitable for applications with open/close contacts such as cell phones, notebook PCs, digital cameras and digital video cameras.  More...


Optical devices include light-emitting devices, light-receiving devices and compound devices that combine both of them. They are widely used for position detection applications.  More...

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