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Motor Control ASSPs

From office automation equipment to industrial pumps and fans, and from vending machines to home appliances, implementing efficient, reliable, accurate and cost-effective motion control systems has become an increasingly important aspect of modern application design. At the same time, the choice of motor technologies available to the designer has expanded to meet the increasingly sophisticated requirements of today's motion control applications.

To help engineers implement motion control systems that are optimised to the target application, Toshiba Electronics has developed a comprehensive range of motor drive and control ICs for brushed DC, brushless DC and stepper motor designs. By offering high levels of on-board functionality and performance in compact packaging, these ICs can help designers of motor-based applications to significantly reduce component count, PCB space and development time without compromising product performance.

Whether it's a single-bridge driver for a brushed motor design, a sensorless solution for a brushless DC motor, a microstepping control system for a stepper motor or an advanced vector control solution, the pages here provide the information needed to identify and select the optimum Toshiba product to simplify and speed your application design.

Toshiba TB6600 Stepping Motor Driver IC

Analogue ASSPs

Cortex-M3 Microcontroller

  • TMPM370: Programmable Motor Drive (PMD) MCU with hardware Vector Control (FOC) engine
  • TMPM380: Standard MCU with Mutli Purpose Timer (MPT) for PWM Motor Control and IGBT output

Power Stage

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