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Interface Bridges (Mobile Peripheral Devices)

Mobile devices need to handle multimedia content of increasingly high quality.  To meet the growing needs of multimedia applications, huge amounts of data must be transferred quickly between baseband processors and peripheral devices.  Moreover, multiple data transfer protocols have to be supported to accommodate different multimedia applications.  Toshiba offers interface bridges called Mobile Peripheral Devices (MPDs) that support high-speed data transfer protocols such as MIPI®, LVDS, DisplayPort® and HDMI®.

Toshiba's MPDs can not only transfer data at high speeds but also bridge between main processors and peripherals with different interfaces. Toshiba also offers an extensive portfolio of peripheral devices such as IO Expanders and SC Card Controllers.

Interface Bridges


TC35667FTG Bluetooth Low Energy IC

Toshiba's Bluetooth ICs are prefectly suitable for ultra low power mobile applications.  Toshiba's Bluetooth® ICs provide proven high connectivity, stability and interoperability.  The TC35667FTG is a highly integrated RFCMOS Bluetooth device which supports the new BT Low Energy (LE) 4.0 standard. TC35667FTG is suitable for ultra low power portable products. The device comes with embedded BLE stack and GATT profile.


CMOS Sensors

Toshiba's T4K82 13-megapixel BSI1 CMOS image sensor allows smartphones and tablets to record full HD video at 240 equivalent frames per second (fps) - the industry’s highest frame rate.  Toshiba's T4K82 incorporates 'Bright Mode' technology that boosts image brightness by up to four times, realizing full HD video capture at 240 fps equivalent.  As a result, the sensor allows smartphones and tablets to record high-quality, high-speed video, and to offer extended imaging functions including smooth slow motion playback and high-speed continuous shooting.

CMOS Sensors

e•MMC™ Memory & SLC NAND

The advanced and highly efficient e•MMC™ family integrates NAND flash memory and a controller chip in a single package.  It can perform such controls as error corrections, wear leveling and bad-block management internally, reducing the need for additional components.  All e•MMC™ parts have compatible pin-layouts for all derivatives and generations.  Toshiba also offers SLC NAND (Single Level Cell) flash memory products in a wide range of densities and package options to meet the diverse requirements of the embedded market.



Perfect for downloading, sharing and synchronising information, TransferJet™ is a wireless close proximity data transfer technology featuring ease of use, safe communication and ultra fast data transfer.



Wireless Charging

TheTB6865FG power transmitter and TC7763WBG receiver chipset were built to help satify the growing demand for fast and efficient wireless charging.  The wireless power chipset supports 5 Watt power transfer and is compatible with the Qi Standard Low Power Specifications version 1.1. Features include a rigorous Foreign Object Detection (FOD) function and an integrated digital logic controller that reduces component count and minimizes design complexity.

Wireless Charging

Toshiba MIPI® IP

ELDEC MIPI® Competence (pdf 1339KB)

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