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Embedded NAND Flash Memory

Toshiba, the Inventor of Flash Memory

NAND Flash MemoryIn 1984, Toshiba developed a new type of semiconductor memory called flash memory, leading the industry into the next generation ahead of its competitors.

Some time later in 1987, NAND flash memory was developed, and this has since been used in a variety of memory cards and electronic equipment. The NAND flash market has grown rapidly, with flash memory becoming an internationally standardized memory device. Toshiba, the inventor of flash memory, has carved out a path to a new era in which we are all able to carry videos, music and data with us wherever we go.

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(NAND Flash Memory Solution with integrated Controller chip in a Package)

Features of NAND Flash Memory

NAND Flash ApplicationsNAND flash memory is suitable for storing large amounts of data.

  • Ideal for storing image and music files
  • Fast data transfer rates
  • Low bit cost
  • High expandability due to NAND flash interface
  • Comprehensive line-up of NAND flash memory devices with SD or HS-MMC interface


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