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Toshiba, the Inventor of Flash Memory

Toshiba invented the world’s first flash memory in 1984.  Since the introduction of NAND flash memory in 1987, Toshiba has led the world with its cutting-edge technology and mass production.  The following pages provide an introduction to Toshiba memory solutions that make use of its NAND flash technology.

Customers for retail memory cards and USB sticks can find further information on or our Toshiba Japan web site.

Further information about Solid State Drives (SSD) and Hard Disk Drives (HDD) can be found on Toshiba's Storage Products web site.

Memory/Storage Devices Product Introduction

Extensive Line-up of Memory Products and Solutions

Toshiba offers a variety of memory solutions.  These include embedded NAND flash memory with layered controllers and a multi-chip package (MCP) that stacks multiple memory chips in one package, as well as card and storage products.  Toshiba also provides support for the creation of applications.

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