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General Purpose Linear ICs

General Purpose Linear ICs

Toshiba offer a wide range of general purpose linear ICs including power supply ICs, intelligent power devices, motor drivers, operational amplifier ICs & comparator ICs, interface drivers and small signal MMICs.

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Intelligent Power Devices & Single Chip Inverter ICs

High Voltage IPD Application Note

The 24 page High Voltage IPD Application Notes shortform which brings together technical specifications, performance characteristics and application examples for Toshiba’s series of
single-chip inverters.  As well as comprehensive technical details the shortform also provides key information in areas such as heatsink mounting and other handling precautions as well as a Q&A section that covers frequently asked questions.  Toshiba IPD Application Note (pdf 4MB)

High Voltage IPD Product Line-up

High Voltage Intelligent Power Devices (HV-IPD) or Single Chip Inverter ICs are the easiest way to "Brushless DC Motor Drive".  Only few external passive components are necessary to realize a full operating motor control.  The resulting system can directly operate from the 240VAC, because the maximum voltage rating of the device is 500V.   This HV-IPD is called Single Chip Inverter IC, because there is REALLY 1 chip inside the package.  The following protections are integrated inside the chip: overheating protection, under voltage protection and over current limitation.

The line-up encompasses 8 devices divided into 2 groups of available products:

  • 8 items able to generate a 'Sine Wave Output current'.  These devices have no PWM on board.  They can be driven, e.g. with a compatible TOSHIBA's TB6551 sine wave control IC or with a TMPM370 vector control MCU for sensorless operation.  Also other MCUs could be applied With that configuration the noise of motor can be drastically reduced.  The following current ratings are available: 1A, 2A and 3A. Same pin layout of all items allows easy exchange in case of different motor power ratings.  All those item are optionally available with our without over current protection.
  • There are 2 items generating a 'Rectangular Wave Output Current'.  These devices have PWM on board.  This is stand-alone concept, means no additional control IC or MCU are necessary to drive the motor.  Just a simple potentiometer and a low voltage power supply are necessary to control the motor.  For cost reduction purpose, 3 op-amplifiers are integrated into the Chip, so inexpensive hall sensors can be used instead of hall ICs.


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Intelligent Power Device Line Up

Product Name Rating Function SCHEDULE
TPD4131K 250V/1A Y - Y Y Y Y Y Y Mass Production
TPD4132K 500V/1A Y - Y Y Y Y Y Y Mass Production
TPD4123K* 500V/1A - Y - - Y Y Y Y Mass Production
TPD4123AK* 500V/1A - Y - - Y - Y Y Mass Production
TPD4134K* 500V/2A - Y - - Y Y Y Y Mass Production
TPD4134AK* 500V/2A - Y - - Y - Y Y Mass Production
TPD4135K* 500V/3A - Y - - Y Y Y Y Mass Production
TPD4135AK* 500V/3A - Y - - Y - Y Y Mass Production

* Product Name: input threshold voltage is 2.5V (3.3V logic)

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