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Toshiba is a leading manufacturer of photocouplers* and photorelays. The product range continues to increase, delivering new and innovative features.

In addition to lower power consumption and higher switching speeds, new devices offer guaranteed operation at temperatures from -40C to +125C. The photocoupler line-up includes small packages like the SDIP, SO6 and SO8, making them ideal for circuits that require the reinforced isolation demanded for international safety certification.

So, whether your application is for industrial or home appliances, drives or factory automation interfaces, Toshiba's bigger range will include a photocoupler to suit your needs. Photocoupler & Photorelay Lineup (pdf 1.9MB)

* A photocoupler may also be referred to as an optocoupler

Whitepaper: Innovations Driving Opto-Isolator Advances

An increasingly important requirement of modern electronic designs is the need to meet global safety approvals in terms of isolation. Such isolation must not impact on performance or power consumption and, despite the need for high withstand voltages, must be implemented in the minimum of space. This paper describes how new generations of rugged photocouplers in miniature package sizes and with extended temperature, long-life operation are allowing industrial equipment and home appliances designers to address these challenges through optical isolation. Read more... (pdf 349KB)

Product Lineup

IC Output PhotocouplersIC Output Photocouplers

    Transistor Output

Photovoltaic Output

Transistor Output

Triac-Output Photocouplers



FAB Sheets

Application Notes

Photocoupler Applications

Renewable Energy Factory Automation
  • Solar Power
  • Smart Meter
  • Motion Control
  • Field Bus
  • Robot
Consumer Products Office Automation
  • Air Conditioner
  • PDP
  • White Goods
  • Induction Heating
  • UPS
  • Mobile Phones
  • ECR, POS
  • MIDI
  • Printers
  • Monitors
  • Fax

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