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Toshiba Launches New Line-up of Image Recognition Processors

Toshiba Electronics Europe has expanded its line-up of image recognition processors with the launch of the TMPV760 series. Supported by 14 hardware-based image recognition accelerators, the first device in this new series will support the implementation of next generation Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADASs).

The TMPV7608XBG supports standard ADAS features such as AEB (Autonomous Emergency Braking), TSR (Traffic Signal Recognition), LDW (Lane Departure Warning) / LKA (Lane Keeping Assist), HBA (High Beam Assistance), FCW (Forward Collision Warning). It also supports a number of new applications that will become part of the Euro NCAP testing program in 2018, including TLR (Traffic Light Recognition), and pedestrian detection at night-time.  Read the full press release.

Make your big ideas a reality with our automotive innovations

Automotive electronics are advancing at high speed with the aim of supporting global mobility which is at the same time "green" and "safe".  Our contribution to achieve those challenging targets are components that reduce power consumption, cut energy costs, increase road safety – and minimise environmental impact.

Our Capricorn graphic controllers and advanced TFT displays, for example, enable a flexible assignment of display areas to the information the driver needs to know in the specific driving situation, increasing the safety of his ride.  In order to enhance the driving experience we are continually developing devices – like MP3 decoders, Bluetooth® ICs and audio amplifiers.

Because our journey of innovation is dedicated to improving the journey for others.

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