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Advanced CMOS technology for ASIC & FFSA business including full service supply chain management

Toshiba offers an FFSA Technology, targeting one-to-one FPGA
(Field-Programmable-Gate-Array) replacement.   The Structured Array Products are superior to FPGA based solution with regards to:
  • Lower Price
  • Lower Power consumption
  • Higher Performance (if required)

To find out more check out our FFSA page or log on to the FFSA Centre.

With Toshiba you can expect the in-house expertise and support that comes with a global organisation that will get you from design to implementation to manufacturing.  Toshiba's technology intensive products will ensure that its customers remain competitive in the market place as the need to produce more sophisticated and higher value added products increases.  Toshiba's application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) will provide the defining edge that exceeds expectations.

Toshiba's customers can select from gate arrays, cell-based ICs, embedded arrays, Toshiba's Universal Array™, custom system-on-chip (SoC) and Structured Array depending on performance and time-to-market objectives.

Customer Benefits

Leading edge CMOS technology through in-house process development

  • 65nm in mass production
  • 40nm in mass production
  • 28nm in mass production
  • 20nm under introduction
  • Balance of internal and outsourced wafer fabrication (for technical and demand/supply flexibility)

Customized System-on-Chip (SoC) development based on wide Intellectual Propriety (IP) line-up

Local competence and support - European LSI Design & Engineering Centre (ELDEC)

  • Highly skilled engineers with many years of experience
  • Support of flexible service interfaces from Customer-Owned-Tooling (COT) to full ASIC
  • Development support - EDA / PDK / libraries, analog development, design, implementation, layout, testing, packaging
  • Mass production ramp-up (qualification and yield improvement)

Short development Turn-Around-Time (TAT) to meet the market window

  • Professional project management during development
  • Optimized manufacturing process
  • Early maturity of latest process technologies

Flexible business models for ASIC & FFSA

  • From ASIC (one partner for design, implementation, production and full-service supply chain management)
  • Including new FFSA for one-to-one FPGA replacement at low NRE and short turn around time
  • To selective Foundry services (wafer, chip-die, assembly, test)
  • Including custom process development, setup and manufacturing
  • Any desired business model can be realized through Toshiba's open and advanced Integrated Device Manufacturer (IDM) model

Download our Customer Benefits flyer (pdf 448KB)

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