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TC35420 Close Proximity Wireless Transfer Technology TransferJet™ Compliant IC

TransferJet News

16th September 2014 - SD Association expands iSDIO specification, adds high-speed contactless data transfer with TransferJet™Read the full release

3rd September 2014 - Toshiba to Introduce Close Proximity, High Speed Wireless Transfer Technology for Consumers in Europe
TransferJet™ USB Kits to Go on Sale During Q4 2014.  Read the full press releases in: English, German, French, Italian
6th January 2014 - Toshiba shows "Digital Kiosk" at Embedded World 2014.
The demonstration combines TransferJet™, NFC and Qi wireless charging.  Read the full press release.

20th December 2013 - Toshiba has launched TransferJet™ dongles to the Japanese market, suitable for Windows and Android based devices.
TransferJet™ allows for an easy and ultra fast data exchange between devices and Toshiba shows various use cases that can make your everyday life easy and comfortable.

TC35420 TransferJet™ Compliant IC

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TransferJet™ Development Board

The company Icoteq offers a IMX6 based development board with integrated TransferJet™ module.  Developers can use it for developing applications.  Icoteq offers Linux based drivers and application notes.  Read more... (pdf 1,006KB)

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TC35420 LSI Overview

TC35420 is a wireless communication LSI product that supports the TransferJet™ standard for close proximity wireless transfer technology.  The TransferJet™ Consortium has defined the standard for this technology.  This IC implements TransferJet™ functions with wireless, Digital-signal-processing, Host-Interface, and memory-interface functions in a single chip using RF-CMOS process.

TC35420 is a wireless IC product that supports the TransferJet™ standard for close proximity wireless transfer technology.

TC35420 Features

  • One chip solution: Wireless, Digital signal-processing are implemented into monolithic RF-CMOS process
  • Built-in RF parts, RF switch, matching circuit and LNA (Low Noize Amplifier)
  • Very High-speed Host-Interface
  • SDIO UHS-I support
  • Low power consumption: Power reduction architecture supporting low leak cell
  • Single Power Supply
  • Small package: 4.0 mm x 4.0 mm x 0.5 mm FBGA

Block Diagram

TC35420 Block Diagram

TransferJet™ Specification

Center Frequency 4.48GHz
Transmission Power At or below -70dBm/MHz (average)
Corresponds to low-intensity radio wave regulations in Japan, and with local regulations in other countries and regions.
Transmission Rate 560Mbps (max) / 375Mbps (effective throughput)
System can adjust the transmission rate depending on the wireless environment.
Connection Distance A few centimeters
Topology 1-to-1, Point-to-Point
Antenna Element Electric induction field coupler

TransferJet™ Embedded Software Architecture

TransferJet™ Roadmap

TransferJet™ Roadmap

What is TransferJet™?

TransferJet™ is a cable-less data transfer technology featuring ease of use, safe communication and ultra fast data transfer.  The purpose of TransferJet™ is data downloading, viewing, sharing and synchronisation amongst the vast community of digital equipment.  This can be done in the home, in the car, in the office or in public places.

Simple Operation

Just touching two devices
Intuitive operation: two devices are brought into physical contact so that files are transferred automatically.  No need for complex setup, device pairing or the use of access points.  Point-to-point connectivity with no host/target relationship.  Data transfer can take place between mobile phones and stationary PCs, as well as between two mobile/handheld devices.

TransferJet™ - Easy and Secure

A short transmission distance means user can specify and restrict which other devices can be connected.  Short transmission distance minimizes leakage of data, without
the need for complex security measures or setup procedures.  Users can register their electronic products to enable TransferJetT™ to recognize and connect to specific devices only, preventing unintended unauthorized access.

TransferJetT™ - Easy and Secure

TransferJet™ - Ultra High Speed Data Transfer

Physical layer transmission rate is 560 Mbps, maximum data throughput is 375 Mbps.  Just a few seconds needed to transfer a one-hour TV program (e.g., in MPEG4, 170 MB).  Capable of adjusting the appropriate data transmission rate according to the quality of the wireless medium.  Even if conditions deteriorate, TransferJetT™ can maintain the highest possible wireless link by automatically adjusting the data transmission rate.  As TransferJet™ is a close proximity wireless system that radiates very low-power radio waves, it causes virtually no interference to other wireless systems, and there is no impact on performance (no interference) even if multiple users simultaneously use TransferJet™ in nearby areas.

TransferJetT™ - Ultra High Speed Data Transfer

TransferJet™ - A Multitude of Uses

While mobile, at home, in the office or car TransferJetT™ offers ultra high speed secure data transfer for a huge variety of applications.

Further Information

TransferJet™ and the TransferJet Logo are Trademarks of the TransferJet Consortium

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