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FlashAir™ - SD Card with Embedded Wireless LAN

New 32GB Class 10 FlashAir™ SD Card

Toshiba Electronics Europe has expanded its range of next-generation FlashAirTM wireless LAN SD cards, with the launch of a 32GB SD card.  The card also features a new “internet pass-through” mode that further simplifies photo sharing.  Once a mobile device is connected to the FlashAir card, the internet pass-through functionality enables the device to access the internet via a wireless access point. This removes the need for users to swap between a WiFi connection and the FlashAir card when uploading images to social media sites.

This new functionality will also be made available for the recently introduced 8GB and 16GB Speed Class 10 FlashAir cards running earlier firmware versions, which can be updated by using the Firmware Update Tool. The update tool can be downloaded here.

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FlashAir™ – the simple way to shoot and share.

FlashAir™ Default Features

These are default features of the FlashAir™ card and do not require any modification of Software on the SD Card Host (The device in which the FlashAir™ SD Card is inserted).

  • Wireless data transfer function
    Wireless data transfer of the data stored on the FlashAir™ SD Card.  Any kind of data stored on FlashAir™ can be read and transferred by using standard WLAN communication. For example photos taken with digital cameras can be transferred by wireless communication to a PC, smartphone or Tablet PC.
  • Easy Wireless setting
    It is easily possible to set up the connection from PC and smartphone.
  • Low power consumption
    Wireless function is switched ON only when necessary to prevent wasteful power consumption of the battery.
  • Multiple Connections
    Data sharing by multiple connections simultaneously.  The Access Point created by FlashAir™ can be accessed by several remote hosts at the same time.

FlashAir™ Concept

FlashAir Concept

FlashAir™ Videos

Interview by with Martin Juttner, introducing the FlashAir™ Wireless LAN card:

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