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ASSPs - Application Specific Standard Products

Introducing ApP Lite™ - Application Processor Lite

Recently more and more devices are connecting to the internet.  ApP Lite™ (Application Processor Lite) does not simply feed data to the cloud (such as images captured by sensors and audio) but also carries out efficient signal processing and image recognition, contributing to reductions of data loads.  The TZ5000 series is the latest addition to Toshiba's ApP Lite™ family and will be ideal for applications ranging from (OTT: Over-The-Top) tuners and IP media boxes to wearable devices, digital signage and thin clients.  Discover more about TZ5000.

Toshiba ASSPs

Toshiba offer a wide range of Application Specific Standard Products including mobile peripheral ICs, the driver information IC series Capricorn and Multi-Media Engine.  The ASSP lineup now also includes TC35420, Toshiba's new close proximity wireless transfer technology TransferJet™ compliant IC.

Toshiba offers peripheral ICs that provide flexible connections between the baseband or application processor in a cellular-phone system and various peripheral devices.  Read more...

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